Traveling has it’s painful and sucky moments for sure! Entering the first rings of purgatory (i.e. the plane) always brings thoughts of regret: “Why am I doing this?” “I should’ve just stayed home!” “Why didn’t I splurge on the upgrades?”

But then the pain becomes a part of the ‘character building’ and getting stuffed hip-to-hip with strangers for up to 13 hours becomes a challenge: “Yeah I can get luxurious but I’m not that delicate! Bring it!”

Besides, I’m not exactly choosing a vacation that is easy.

That being said…. I swear to god next time I’m just going to do a credit card ride somewhere nice and I’ll only fly business or first.

Unexpected expenses in Nairobi as I had to pay for a transit visa while awaiting the check in time for my final connection. And more space taken up in my passport; I’m starting to cut it close 😬. Something super cool about my flight into Nairobi is that I ran into a guy born in Kotzebu, Alaska. Small world!

So far Emirates has been a painful experience, definitely not the luxury I was led to expect (Korean Air and Cathay Pacific were far superior). Dubai airport however made up for that with the 24-hour coffee shops in the food court 😁. And as for the missing bike….. well, f*** Chicago O’Hare.

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