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The return to Tana along N 7 was just a reverse of my trip down. I did spend an extra night in Ambositra to do some souvenir shopping; Ambositra has been the most artsy and crafty of all the places I’ve been through here, with lots of woodwork and carvings as the primary mediums. While I was there I ran into the second American I met on this entire trip (the first being a guy from Kotzebu, Alaska, that I met at the Nairobi airport) and she was from Anchorage, Alaska! The only 3 english speaking tourists and we were all from the same state 🤯

Nothing new or notable about doing this section. I got into Tana safe and sound, the bike is broken down and back in it’s box, and it’s time to go home to the snow 😀

If I were to do this trip over what would I have done differently? The only piece of kit that I didn’t use (not counting first aid stuff) was the rain pants. The only thing I found myself lacking was the pants equivalent to my ExOfficio long sleeve hooded shirt, for blocking the sun but still being lite and cool for this heat.

Also if I were to do this trip again I would not count on camping; it was too hard to find places that were isolated and without people watching. Plus I’ve been reading about muggings robbery and carjacking even on the main roads. For those longer sections I would ride what I could then catch a taxi-brousse to the next available lodging. That would have the extra advantage of cutting my gear weight almost by half!

Doing some time in a tanning bed would have helped too, as would have getting in shape first, and learning some French 😅

A final tip: when they say that there are only ATMs in major cities they aren’t kidding! Get tons and tons of cash when you get the opportunity, because in the villages you’ll be out of luck!

The duct tape is taking over the cardboard…. maybe I should upgrade soon

3 fresh juices, a bowel of noodle soup, plus tip, for $2

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