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Five nights at the beach resort town of Morondava! Market food, one small café, and the tourist-hounds weren’t nearly as aggressive as I expected (I think because they are so much more acclimated from the year-round white Frenchmen and other tourists).

The first three nights I spent at what was essentially a large grass hut, the GITE Club House, designed like an actual club house with random alcoves and ladders to different platforms and sleeping areas. I was the only guest so it was like staying in a treehouse on Gilligan’s Island. Relaxing, however a large funeral procession at 3am going to a motorboat at the dock outside my window was……. the singing was pleasant tho

The last two were a total over the top splurge where I basically said “where’s the nicest place in town?” Palissandre Côte Ouest. Two big sparkling pools on the beach, private bungalow with king sized bed, and gourmet meals from the sea. My second night there I was once again the lone guest and had my run of the place. I felt spoiled, I felt good!

Plus I read two books while drinking copious amounts of coffee, which is a holiday for me wherever I am 😁

GITE Club House

Allllll for me!

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