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People choose to live in Alaska for many different reasons,

and for most of us we choose to live here for the Alaskan lifestyle:

we enjoy the cold and rugged weather, we explore the endless wilderness,

and we immerse ourselves in outdoor activities that are as varied

as the summer and winter seasons. 

What we want to do is share that Alaskan lifestyle with you and provide

an opportunity for you to really experience life up here, just as the locals do.

We don’t want to put our guests through a canned and prepackaged tour

that doesn’t have any intimacy; we want to treat our guests the same way

we would treat any of our friends and family that come to visit!

And what do we like to do up here?

We go out cross country skiing, biking, hiking, and camping.

We canoe and packraft on the rivers. We go out to a cabin where we can unplug

from the hustle of modern life and enjoy a simpler way to live.

Even better if there is a hot springs at the cabin.