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We want to share the Alaskan lifestyle with you and provide an opportunity for you to really experience life up here, just as the locals do!



Our experience with Damien was awesome. He picked us up right at the hotel we stayed at and drove for a good hike and bringing us to the hot springs. He was very knowledgeable and friendly, and clearly passionate about what he does. He brought lunch out and made us coffee on top of the mountain. I’d recommend anyone visiting Fairbanks to plan a outdoor excursion with him and I would book again when returning.


London, Canada

Damien was absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately he was injured and was unable to hike but made arrangements for us with another guide, Riley, who was amazing. She was very sweet and had tons of knowledge and stories for us. Great conversation for a 5 hour hike and amazing views and scenery on the hike as well. Even though Damien could not hike he shared great info and stories. We finished the hike a little early so he drove us to get pie at a local spot and stopped at a great brewery on the way back for my wife and I to try some local beers. Can’t recommend him enough.


Fort Lauderdale, FL

This was one of the best vacation activities my husband and I have experienced. Even though the hike we chose demonstrated that we were not as fit as we thought we were, Damien was incredibly patient and accommodating. Her shared so much information with us and you could tell he really loved Alaska. The views we experienced were breathtaking. In addition to being a great host with amazing stories and experience, he provided us with great food too. He provided us with hard-boiled eggs from his chickens, honey from his bees, hot tea made right on the trails from items found in Alaskan nature… All in addition to more “traditional” items like sandwiches, trail mix, and cheese. With Damien’s knowledge and personality it would be hard to not feel instantly comfortable with him. What an amazing Alaskan experience! Experiencing something like this with a local is a truly unique experience!


Cascade, WI


No matter what the temperature will be the key to success and comfort will be dressing in layers and avoiding cotton clothing.

If you are already familiar with running in winter conditions or cross country skiing then just dress like that for winter biking; with a little more attention to protecting yourself from the wind, being aware that your hat will have to fit under a helmet, and that you should only need something light like glove liners since the handlebar mits are the warmest on the market.

Bring thick warm gloves for when you are off the bike, and extra layers, like a fleece top, for dressing up warmer on the trail. If you sweat a lot consider a change of dry clothes for the end of the ride.

In general: non-cotton layers (for base layers and for fill layers), non-cotton socks, winter jacket and pants or snow pants, neck gaiter or scarf, warm hiking boots, and making sure the whole outfit is comfortable to move around and be active in. Also recommended: extra non-cotton layers, insulated water bottle, sun glasses, and a camera.

What is the Aurora? What causes it? When can I see it? For great information on the Aurora visit the UAF Geophysical page! And if you want to get even more scientific look at the NOAA site too.

With the bears sleeping through the winter months the primary safety concern are the moose: they are large and powerful animals! And quite simply…. don’t approach them! If you encounter a moose don’t make any sudden movements, don’t approach it, slowly back away from it and give it plenty of space. They get the right-of-way! If a moose approaches you get away from it as quickly as you can, and if it charges or chases you run away!


Address 2064 Himalaya road, Fairbanks, Ak 99709