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I can’t say enough about how friendly the people are here (in the country side at least)! I feel like I’m constantly waving back at kids, returning greetings, smiling back, etc. I’m getting a sore face from smiling so much 😅 And when I end up riding at the same pace as someone else we end up having separate one-sided conversations with each other: them in French or Malagasy and me in English. With my loaded rig I have the advantage on the downhills and they kick my butt on the uphills. As we pass each other we would laugh and add another comment to the mystery conversation. Even if they were insulting me or making fun it was always conveyed with a friendly demeanor.

This time I didn’t make it to my destination before the rain came. But after a climb the torrential downpour felt great!

My AirBnB host completely flaked out and didn’t give me directions, so F-it and splurge on a nice hotel! There are tons of hotels in Antsirabe. A sad moment passed for me though, when I slept through dinnertime at the hotel restaurant 😥.

Also, did I mention that I forgot to pack sunscreen? My mistake has been very painful and nearly debilitating for this trip.

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